2 Steps Forward & 1 Step Back is Still Moving Forward!

A few weeks ago, I completed BBG 1.0 and I felt unbelievably excited and ready to start BBG 2.0. I decided to take a week off because I was attending a friends wedding that weekend and wanted to let my body take a break (which was the right call, I was beating it up pretty hard). The week I was planning to be back in the gym to start BBG 2.0, work got insane. It was crazy for about 4 weeks. I was working well over 13 hour days and just drowning in it, I was stress eating, not drinking enough water, etc. So it all kind of fell apart.

To this day, I still have not started BBG 2.0, about 5 weeks later. I gained most of the weight I lost back and find myself back where I was before I started BBG. Tired, hurting, upset with my body. So what exactly is the progression here? Well, I know I can do it now and that it works. I know that I have to be conscious of the decisions I make regarding my health when work gets crazy.

It’ll be easier this time because once I start, I won’t be wondering if it’s ever going to work, I’ll know it’s only a matter of time. I plan on starting next Monday and will let you guys know how it goes! Good luck with the health journey through the holidays. Let your body be your guide!

Author: Sally

25 year old mechanical engineering graduate. Just trying to figure it all out like everyone else

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