We Wanted to Be Adults So Bad, Now Look at Us!

Trying to complete a puzzle with out the picture on the box is a daunting task. The task is clear but how to go about it is not. Life is very similar to this. We graduate college and are sent out into the real world without instructions or preparation.

When I graduated, my first job was halfway across the country. I had to figure things out that I had never come across before like how to look for an apartment, how much can I spend on rent, do I need to pay for a covered parking space, wait I have to get the gas and electricity turned on how the hell do I do that, what exactly is a 401k? Along with a million other questions. I had no idea what I was doing or how to do it, I was essentially just guessing at everything I did.

Two and a half years after signing a lease for my first apartment I still stumble on things from day to day that I honestly just don’t know how to handle. I wish I had a how to guide that I could just ctrl+f what I wanted to figure out. Adulting is SO hard and I want to make it a bit easier.

This blog is for all the twenty-somethings who are just trying to figure it all out. This is a one stop shop for everything I have had to learn on my own so far and so many things that I still want to learn. I want to seek things out that we’re all struggling with and find answers and I want to share those answers with everyone who is looking for them. Think of this as your adulting cheat sheet! One part instructions and facts that you are looking to find and the other part my take on the things I am experiencing and how I am trying to handle it all.

I am so very excited to start this journey and welcome anyone who identifies with anything they read on this blog. Please email me any subjects you would like me to research and write about or anything you feel like you might be the only person experiencing, I assure you, you will not be!


Author: Sally

25 year old mechanical engineering graduate. Just trying to figure it all out like everyone else

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